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AERDS seeks to bring dignity and prosperity to the life of destitute section of the nation through sustainable development measures.
AERDS aims for the holistic development of men, women, and children, regardless of economic situation, caste or religion. AERDS promotes the community-driven-decentralized-management of the natural resources.


AERDS is working for the empowerment of communities, we believe in Gandhian approach of Gram Swarajya- village self rule. The unique part AERDS modus operandi for development is to make community self-reliance. This happens when you invite community to participate at every stage of development-work for them.


The AERDS strengthened by constant contact with local communities to evolve a method of working with the people. Its strategy gradually crystallized into five themes.

Our Human Strength

From a small nucleus of professionals, the grew into a band of workers dedicated to rural development, under a faith known as ARNOLD bond. AERDS has a twenty-one member General Body of people of social standing. The general body sets the policies for the organization on broad spectrum. The AERDS has a Governing Board consisting of Eight members. The governing board is responsible for watch-out the development works by the organization under the guidance of the general body.


They started with a mission to move the people out of their feeling of helplessness in the face of the ravages of nature and an indifferent administration. Four youths including GIRISH KUMAR SHARMA (present SECRETARY) inspired by the Gandhian model of rural-development went to live in a village of Alwar district of Rajasthan for rural uplift. They started a school for children but soon got very depressed seeing no response from villagers. Three of them left thinking nothing can be done. However, even though Girish Kumar Sharma was depressed, but he was not willing to give up. In this mood of desperation, a wise old man of the village consoled him by saying “…you have not understood what is needed here. we want WATER first. you need to build Johad so that the water does not run away but is held back to percolate into the ground…” Rest is history now… For AERDS it became an approach of rural-development through restoring the ecology for better agriculture production, bio-diversity rejuvenation, and river restoration









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Volunteers are idealistically motivated persons who want to devote some portion of their lives to serving others. It is personal wish/desire of the individual to do volunteer services to organization. Individual are coming for voluntary services to get self-satisfaction for them.
ARNOLD FOUNDATION giving opportunities for volunteers like elderly, Ex- Service man, Retired officers and even currently working young people who would like to serve their free time as a part of volunteering. It is purely an unpaid service from the volunteers. The volunteers can spend their time with ARNOLD FOUNDATION in giving trainings, sessions to children, SHGs in different project areas; fundraising opportunities & can participate in community work etc ARNOLD FOUNDATION will not provide any stipend/salary to volunteers. We expect volunteers behave in a professional and responsible manner during their time of their work with us in which they would be given a specific task of their interest which they can perform.

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